Collaborat means collaboration in Latin. That’s what we do, and what we’ve always done. We’re a sum far greater than our parts. Though at the beginning we were a we of one, founded by Talia Bond.

Like so many small businesses, we started out by trying to fill a void. We’d long observed a lack of well-written Spanish-language information in the Denver area. Spanish is like chocolate. It comes in a seemingly endless variety. Milk, dark, white, with nuts, without, even with chilies. Similar, but unique at the same time—and all delicious.

So too with Spanish. With such a diverse Latino population in Denver, we knew how important it was to make translations broadly understandable to all Spanish-speaking backgrounds. From the very beginning, we specialized in communicating the message intended in the original language. Nuance, flavor, humor, and above all accuracy. Our first clients were individuals, then small businesses, then the City and County of Denver, and then the State of Colorado’s Minority Business Office. As our experience diversified, so did we. The we of one became two, then three, then four. Our offerings broadened to include small business marketing strategy, public relations, graphic and web design, document-management solutions, and Spanish-language media relations.

Our varied professional experience in marketing, business, policy, and operations has made us the perfect complement for the industries we serve. Our number one goal is to provide the best solutions to our customers.

Collaboration allows us to put the best plan in place for your business to succeed.



Meet Our Team


“The team at Collaborat is extremely professional and knowledgeable. They have completed translations projects for the MBO on time and with outstanding quality. Additionally, we have used their graphic design services that has resulted in an increase awareness of our services to our Colorado community. The public relations work that they provide is done professionally. The team has the flexibility to meet the demands of our busy office. We continue to work with Collaborat and we recommend their services to any small business who is looking to increase their sales with effective marketing materials.”

Rosy McDonough Director, Minority Business Office of Colorado