Government Certifications

Federal and local certifications are tools to grow your small business. Local government certifications such as DBE, MWBE, EBE and SBE that are granted by the City and County of Denver and valid in the whole state of Colorado, create a new vertical for companies to remain sustainable. While private contracts are oftentimes limited to economic environments, government contracts can be a stable and predictable revenue stream. The state of Colorado is experiencing a healthy economic grow, and this can be seen for example, by the number of construction projects all around the state.

Local government certifications then become beneficial to obtain contracts. Understanding how certifications work can be instrumental in winning a bid. For example there are government projects that can require a certain percentage of women minority own business to qualify for the bid. In this scenario, a company certified as MWBE (Minority Women Business Enterprise) can be in a better position to win that bid.

Obtaining such certifications can take time and the application process can be cumbersome. There are qualifications that need to be met before starting the application process. Our team can take this task away from you by preparing your application with all the required documentation and ensuring is ready for approval.

Marketing Government Certifications

There are many benefits for a small business to obtain local certifications besides opening doors to government contracts opportunities. They are also a marketing tool. Certifications elevate a business in their reputation and seriousness.

Companies certified as MBE (Minority Business Enterprise), MWBE (Minority Women Business Enterprise), EBE (Emerging Business Enterprise), SBE (Small Business Enterprise) with the City and County of Denver, must be strategic on how to market those certifications for government opportunities.

One of the most important marketing tools in government contracting is the Capability Statement. This is a document that communicates the company’s capabilities, experience, certifications, NAICs codes and what sets them apart from the competition. Our team can help you design and create the content for this document and assess your marketing inventory. From logo design, business cards prints, branded marketing materials, to direct marketing, we are here to help you elevate your business to the next level.

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